History The Great Wall of China

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I have been researching this question for a while and keep coming up with different answers. Can anyone shed some light on this question, please?

What is the height and length of the Great Wall of China?

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    I researched it and I found several answers also but I found this answer and compared to all the other Measures, they all fell into this range. The measures are probably different because I'm sure the whole length of the wall isn't the exact same height.
    It ranges in height from 15 to 30 feet (5 to 9 meters).

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    The Great Wall was built and rebuilt over a course of several hundred years. Some of it is no longer visible, and other parts have been rebuilt fairly recently. Check this site for more information.


  • History The Great Wall of China -

    Thank you for your time ladies. I reviewed the site that Ms. Sue supplied and found some very helpful information. However, there are still no precise measurements available. I decided to scale down and focus on a specific part of the great wall, constructed during the Qin dynasty, in order to provide more precise numbers.

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    You're welcome. I think your plan is excellent.

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