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Please can someone check my answers to these questions for me.

1. when saving a document or drawing, you determine the destination folder in which the file will be saved by
a. making a selection in the save in:box
b. choosing a folder from the destination drop-down menu
c. typing the folder name in the File name:box
d. selecting the folder from the folder list of the my computer window.

2. In windows XP, which of the following icons is not found in the control panel window?
a. my computer
c. keyboard
d. display

3. A screen saver is best described as a (n)

a. stationary display, such as a menu or desktop
b. moving full-screen graphic
c. desktop background pattern or wallpaper
d. antistatic monitor dust cover

4. In windows vista, the mouse option is located in the control panel under which option?
a. appearance and personalization
b. clock, language, and region
c. hardware and sound
d. mouse and keyboard

5. when your windows XP file becomes too large to fit in a single window, which of these components allows you to bring different portions into view?
a. toolbox and work area
b. title bar and taskbar
c. scroll bar and scroll arrows
d. file menu and close button

6. if you've finished working with a data file but intend to work on it again during your work session, which button would you use to close the window temporarily?
a. close
b. start
c. minimize
d. scroll arrow

7. In windows Vista, the Run command can be found in which application?
a.all programs
b. start menu
c. control panel
d. accessories

8. when you save a notepad file for the first time, you must also
a. indicate the date and time.
b. print a copy for your records.
c. check the file for errors.
d. give it a name.

9. The title bar displays the name of the application and file name being used in the window. It also allows you to
a. drag the window to a new position on the desktop.
b. save the file under a new name.
c. redisplay a document.
d. change the properties of your computer display.

10. When you save a drawing using paint, its automatically stored as a
a. text file.
b. DOS file.
c. bitmap file
d. system file.

11. A USB flash memory drive
a. may be removed only after the computer is shut down.
b. must be connected to the computer before the system is booted up.
c. is available in a choice of"writable" and "rewritable" models.
d. is a removable hardware device recognized by Windows XP.

12.which of the following is a commonly used mouse command?
a. stop
b. drag
c. run
d. pull

13. Windows clipboard is best described as a
a. handy list of recently used documents.
b. word processor designed for creating notes and lists.
c. temporary holding area for electronic information.
d. folder containing important windows tools

14. which component of the windows desktop allows you to retrieve files that have recently been deleted?
a. my computer icon
b. recycle bin icon
c. taskbar
d. start button

15. In Windows Vista, which location contains the Printer link?
a. appearance and personalization
b. hardware and sound
c. printer and faxes
d. start menu

16. To copy a selected file from one folder to another, you could use thye
a. copy-and-return method
b. draw-and-paste method
c. clip-and-shift method
d. click-and-drag method

17.In Windows Vista, which button is used to create a new folder?
a. organize
b. windows icon
c. file
d. views

18. which button is used to open the start menu in windows vista?
a. organize
b. windows icon
c. control panel
d. views

my answers are:1.a,2.a,3.b,4.c,5.c,6.c,7.b,8.d,9.a,10.c,11.d,12.b,13.c,14.b,15.c,16.d,17.c,18.b

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    Sorry, this is not my expertise, but perhaps you might like some of the following tutorials:

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    I am taking this same course and I can't believe you have just posted the entire test on here when it is an open book test. Did you read anything?

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    Cheater...hopefully you failed.

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    you must be a cheater too if your on this site.. lol

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