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The Metamorphosis is a novel by Franz Kafka which has lots of religious symbolism.
For example, when an apple is thrown at Gregor and embedded in his skin. I heard that in religious symbolism, apple terms for sin. What, however, is the significance when the apple rots away? Does the sin rot away? That does not really make sense.

What I also don't get is what actually the sin is that
Gregor commits....
Can someone who read the novel help me
understand... please.....

  • Literature - The Metamorphosis -

    I've read this, but it's been about 8 or 10 years, so some of the details escape me.

    Try here:

    Start out by reading about each of the main characters. Remember that Gregor had become the family's main income earner (breadwinner). What happens to the family when suddenly he stops going to work?

    Be sure to read the summaries and the commentary.

    Then don't skip "For Further Reading." This is a list of books, but by putting the titles of the ones that look promising into a good search engine, you'll find more information online that will help you form your own understanding of this complex work.

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