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Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much in advance.

1)The meeting was held in spite of the rain.
2)In spite of the fact that/although it was raining, the concert wasn't postponed.
3) The meeting was put off because of/due to/owing to/on account of the rain.
4) I let you leave provided/providing that/on condition that you come back in five minutes' time.
5) You must stay here until your parents arrive.
6) By the time he arrived his parents had already left.
7) As she was doing her homework, the telephone rang.

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    1 is good
    2 is in spite the fact that it was raining the concert wasn't postponed
    3 any of those would work accept owing to. but i would put because of
    4 on condition
    5 good
    6 correct
    7 fine

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    #2 is better if it starts with "Although" and you ditch the "in spite of the fact that" wordiness.

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