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Calculate the mass defect and the binding energy/nucleon of the nuclide 9/4 Be, which has a mass of 9.01218224 amu. The mass of the proton is 1.00726747 amu and the mass of the neutron is 1.00866490 amu.

I've gotten this far...

mass of proton + mass of nuetron = 2.01594137. but how do i find the mass of the electron?

Then, how do I find the number of nucleons so that I can divide DeltaE by the number of nucelons to give me the binding energy

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    mass electron = 9.109 x 10^-28 grams. This will be listed in your text or you can google it.

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    I think its 9.04 x 10 to -12 J.

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