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Can someone please read the intro to my essay and tell me if it makese sense? The topic of the essay is to see whether nonfiction novels can equal or surpass fiction novels.


What makes a book good to read? Is it the fact that information is gotten out of it or just the mere enjoyment of being able to use our imagination to entertain ourselves? Throughout the course of time, many books have been written with different purposes and ideas, however, they all fit into two categories: fiction or non-fiction. Fiction novels comprise of works written by authors based on their imagination, while non fiction novels consist of works intended to give facts, or true accounts of real things and events. Luckily enough, both types of fiction have been studied in class this year. The play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare and the novel American Chica by Marie Arana are just some examples on fiction and nonfiction works that have been studied. Both works though different in categories are written with a clear purpose, very plausible and are authentic. With this said, both works prove that non fiction novels that are unknown can equal famous fiction novels. The purposefulness of the novel American Chica, shows that it has the same standards as other renowned fiction novels.

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    The big glaring error is that a novel, by definition is fictious; it is fiction.

    Novels are not non-fiction.

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    hmm i'll support u young lady

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