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1. Flip a coin, and if you get the head, you move one step. If you get the tail, move two steps. Then, using the picture and the words in the circle, make a sentence.

2. Work in pairs. Prepare a coin in each pair. One should flip a coin, and if he gets the head, he should move one step. If he gets the tail, he should move two steps. After than using the picture or word in each circle, you should make an English sentence.

(Would you check the passages? Correct errors, plese. If you have better expressions, let me know. Do you have websites related to this kind of activities?)

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    1. The common expression is "heads" and "tails" so I'd rephrase it slightly:
    Flip a coin, and if you get heads, move one step forward. If you get tails, move two steps forward. (The rest of this is fine.) And yes, the expression is "heads" and "tails" even if you have only one coin.

    2. How will you rephrase?

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