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Dot planning is:
a role that individuals play in the group process.
a type of peer pressure.
a decision making strategy.
a stage in the life of a task group.

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    I am almost certain that it would be C, but A also makes sense

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    This must be such a highly specialized term that it hasn't made the search engines yet unless one also knows what it's related to. Whenever you enter "dot" plus just about any other words in a search engines, you'll end up with lots of DOTs - Department of Transportation.

    Go here -- -- and enter more specific terminology in either the first or second search box.

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    Thank you. I tried everything

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    If you're still tossing between A and C, I'd probably choose C. It seems to be more of an overall term than a specific-to-one-person term that "role" implies.

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    thank you for your help!

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