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Hello I am stuck on trying to figure out my assignment on Incorporating Statistics, Graphs, and Illustrations. My topic I chose was on Education and I am not having any luck finding any pictures, graph's or anything on this topic that I can use. Is there anyway you can give me any pointers on what you think I can use? Oh yea my thesis is "One of the greatest problems in America society today is a variation in the quality of education, dependent upon the wealth, or lack thereof, in particular areas.

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    Hopefully you will find what you need in the following links:


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    Thanks but I went to this and all I see is web site's? Not sure what you wan me to do? I was seeking help on how to get information on how to make a chart for education? I just don't know what I can use for this? I am looking for two of them? Pictures? Anything I can use??

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    Simply to say you're looking for charts or illustrations about education is extremely broad. That could include just about anything.

    Go here -- -- and search with any or all of these terms:

    high school dropout rates

    AP test scores California

    percentage bilingual classrooms California

    Think up different search terms if nothing in these is what you're looking for. Make your search terms more specific.

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    What were you to do with the link? Click on ANY of the Websites to see what is there. Most of them were how to make a graph, etc. Once you know how to make a graph, etc. you can add any data.

    Here is a link with many websites on Educational Data:


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