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Which sentence presents an alternative in appropriate way?
"The 11:00 a.m. flight is completely sold out, so I booked you on the 2:00 p.m. flight. Hopefully that will work for you."
"We are out the red units, so we went ahead and shipped you 12 green ones instead. You can return them if they do not meet your needs."
"It turns out the problem is bigger than we thought; the entire compressor needs to be replaced, not just the belt. We can either replace it with a new or refurbished part or you may opt just to purchase a whole new machine."
"The warranty period expired yesterday, so there is no choice but to pay the $119 charge to have the unit repaired."

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    I am between A an C. Although A seems more polite, C is also going straight to the point of what the person needs.

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    I agree that both A and C are the best choices.

    I vote for C because it gives the customer an option.

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    I would vote for B, because it gives the person the alternative to opt out of the situation completely. However, C is also good, giving the person a choice.

    Giving a person a choice of options gives that person a greater feeling of control over the situation.

    In lotteries, people express more confidence of winning if they choose the numbers rather than having them randomly chosen by a computer. It makes them feel more "in control" of the situation, although the chances of winning are statistically the same.

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