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the cost of three markers and two pencils is 1.80
the cost of four markers and six pencils is 2.90
what is the cost of each item?

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    Do you know how to use elimination?

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    uhm no. explain the steps please?

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    Ok, so if you make markers "x" and pencils "y", you get
    Then you use elimination (by figuring out what to multiply one or both equations by to get rid of one of the variables, either x or y).
    Multiplying the top equation by -4
    and the bottom equation by 3 to eliminate the x's gives us
    Add the equations together
    Divide both sides by 2
    Plug that back into any of your equations to solve for x.
    Once you get your answers, feel free to post them if you want them checked.

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    thanks so much. do you have time for one more problem ?

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    Sure, are you still on?

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