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A hat contains 20 names, 9 of which are females. If 8 names are randomly drawn from the hat, what is the probability that at least 6 male names are drawn??????

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    So we have 9 females and 11 males,
    we are choosing 8

    the number of cases you are interested in are:
    at least 6 males ---->
    6 males, 2 females + 7males, 1 female + 8 males
    = C(11,6)C(9,2) + C(11,7)C(9,1) + C(11,8)
    = 462(36) + 330(9) + 165
    = 19767

    number of way to choose 8 of 20 = C(20,8) = 125970

    so prob (at least 6 men) = 19767/125970

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