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Do all the questions get answered? And everyone receives help or just a selected few?

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    We answer most of the questions that we can. However, we don't have experts in every field. Notably absent are biologists, economists, and accountants.

    We do tend to ignore students who post several similar questions in a row with no attempt to try to solve them. Jiskha tutors HELP students -- but we do not do their homework for them.

    Questions that are garbled and unclear -- or lack vital information -- can not be answered.

    Jiskha tutors are all volunteers. Our availability at any given time is subject to our own personal lives. However, we are dedicated to helping as many students as we can.

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    We try to answer all questions within a reasonable time but situations occur in which some questions go unanswered. Reasons vary from no expert available (all are volunteers), experts may be on vacation, questions may not show an attempt to solve (we HELP, not DO, homework), and some questions get lost in the shuffle. Most students are aware of this and they repost if the question goes to page 2 or page 3 and remains unanswered.

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    Thank you, this is very informative. Thanks to ALL the volunteers for what they do and are doing to help.

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