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Physics for Life science

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You are on a skateboard of mass 5.00kg with a ball in hands (mass of the ball is 600kg). You throw the ball forward horizontally and find that you recoil back with 2.0m/s. What is the forward speed of the ball? (Use your own mass where needed).

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    Assume there is no friction and use conservation of total momentum.
    M1 = skateboard mass
    M2 = your mass
    M3 = ball's mass
    Vr = recoil velocity
    Vb = ball velocity
    (M1 + M2) Vr + M3 Vb = 0
    Vr = -[M3/(M1 + M2)]*Vb
    Plug in your numbers. Vr is negative because the recoil is in the opposite direction

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