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how do you solve these

1. 5-8b+6-2B=61

2. 4x-6-8x-9=21

3. g-9+4g+6=12

4. 2-3f-5+5f=6

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    Combine like terms:

    -8b - 2b = 61 - 5 - 6
    -10b = 50
    b = -5

    Follow this pattern to solve the other problems. We'll be glad to check your answers.

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    for #2 i keep getting the answer -4.5 and i check and its wrong this is what i did



    are the steps i did wrong and when i plug in the number i get 3 as an answer instead of 21

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    and i did the steps u did for all problems and i check and get a wrong answer

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    As a non-mathematician, I get confused by a lot of numbers, too. <g> But here's the way to do 2.

    -4x - 6 - 9 = 21
    -4x = 21 + 15
    x = -9

    The answer for number 3 is 3. Can you keep working this problem until you get the right answer?

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    #3 was easy and # 4

    i keep getting the wrong answer which is 3/8

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    My answer for 4 is 4.5

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    When you do the problem or the proof, please be sure you don't leave out any parts of the original problem. (I kept leaving a part of the original problem out until I went back and triple checked.)

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