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I wonder if you could check these sentences on fashion I'm still not sure of (expressions you are likely to use in a clothes shop). Thank you a lot for your help!

1.I usually wear casual clothes such as/like a pair of skinny jeans with a patterned T-shirt or a striped hoodie over it.
2.I’m of medium height and medium build. I have got short brown wavy hair, a fair complexion and a turn-up nose.
3.The most popular clothes among English teenagers are baggy short-sleeved t-shirts with a slogan on them, patterned hoodies and sneakers (and NOT the clothes that are most popular among English teenagers are..)
4.I haven’t got any bracelets or earrings (in my ears?) but I’ve got a watch. (Correction: I’m not wearing any kind of jewellery except for a watch? Can you say “I have got a watch on, I haven’t got any make-up on today?)
5.I’m not wearing any make-up on my face today. I like wearing make-up on my face/I like making-up my eyes and face before a party.
6.On special occasions I usually wear a suit with a white shirt and a tie/ a suit with a blouse and a pair of elegant shoes.
7.I’m wearing a crew neck T-shirt with a three-colour patterned T-shirt over it.I'm wearing my hair in a pony/in plaits.
8. I usually wear my hair tied back (?)
9. I had my hair trimmed/cut/set/blowdried.
What do you ask for at the hairdresser's? I need to have my hair cut?
10) Can I have a look at the jumper in the shop window? What size is it?
11)I'm looking for a pair of trainers in (?) size ...
12) Do you have a bigger size (or them in a bigger/larger size)? These are too small.
13) This t-shirt is too tight. Do you have a bigger/or larger size?

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    1. clothes like (better)
    2. delete "got" and "turned-up"
    4. I haven't got is correct but why not "I don't have..."
    6. shirt for a male and blouse for a female
    7. in a ponytail OR in plaits (braids)
    At the hairdressers, you might ask for:
    I'd like a haircut, a trim
    I'd like bangs
    I'd like a shampoo, set, comb out (after hair is dry)
    I'd like my hair frosted, streaked
    I'd like a permanent (wave)
    I'd like a manicure, pedicure, with (nail) polish


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