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Thank you very much for being so cooperative, Sra. I still have a few more sentences for you to check.

1) In the tales there were the class of the military, the clergy and the middle classes. Correction: in the tales Chaucer describes different social classes such as .....
2) The route starts from a place of pleasure, the Tabard Inn, and ends in the holy, celestial city of Jerusalem.
3) We also have the personification of the sun. Correction: the sun is also personified.
4) With or through this allegory Chaucer wants to point out that we are all pilgrims directed to heaven.
5) She wasn't expected to show any part of her body, not even (?) her forehead. And not: She was expected to show off any part of your body?
6) There is another personification beside that of the wind.
7) Characters' description are dynamic unlike the medieval character's description which was rather static.
Correction: The character portrait is dynamic in contrast with the medieval one, which was rather static.
8) He describes the plants, which with (or thanks to/through?) the powerful liquid of their life source, make the flowers sprout.
9) He describes the effects that the coming of April brings about in nature (or has on nature?)
10) A rosary is a piece of jewellery by (?) which Roman Catholics pray. (or used by R C to pray?)


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    In both 3 & 6 you mention personification without stating how?

    Everything is fine, even those choices in parentheses.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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