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1) Write complete sentences (treat this as a mini-essay (250-300 words) and that will work to your advantage).

2) Provide specific examples (events, dates, whatever is necessary to support your claim).

3) Offer a clear connection between effect and examples.

4) Offer two effects and two examples. Please do not use one effect with two examples or two effects with one example.

5) Focus on the question. These are effects RELIGION has on society not the other way around.

6) Use good writing skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation) points are docked.

7) Use your critical thinking skills to make the connections - be convincing in your justification of how the example shows the effects.

8) Post as an attachment

  • religion -

    You need to post specifically how we may HELP you. You must DO the work first! Try some of the following links for ideas:


  • religion -

    What effects do YOU think religion has on society?

    Does it make a difference which religion is your focus? Why?

    Does it make the society more just, moral, and ethical?

    Or does it perpetuate stereotypes and discrimination?

  • religion -

    I am curious as to where this "religion" course is being taught. Is this your final exam?

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