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Everyone has at least one important person they know in their life that they admire, just like that I admire my one and only big brother the most, that there are many positive characteristics I can use to describe him. I have stated both positive and negative characteristic such as, affectionate, late, and hard-working.
The first characteristic is that he is very caring and affectionate to me and others. He always loves to see me happy and especially when I’m sad, he will make jokes to make me laugh. I have to admit that he is very caring towards my family. I learned that even though he and my dad don’t have the perfect relationship, I realized that he will be there for him when in need. It all happened when my dad was getting sick from his diabetic and was in hospital bed for few weeks that he always screams in pain that my brother was always by his side to massage him to reduce his pain. With his busy schedule he had actually made time to take care of my dad. That was the first time my dad realized that even though my brother doesn’t communicate well with him, there is always love and care deep in his heart.
The only thing I hate about him is that he sometimes shows up late. He never come to pick me up on time that I always end up having to wait for a long time, and of course I get furious and let him know, and as usual he will try to make me laugh at the same time. Sometimes if he knows he’s going to be late to pick me up and knows I’m going to be mad at him, he will buy something like food or snacks on the way to cool me. He is just too good at making me forgive him easily. Because of the love I have for my brother I can never get mad at him except to forgive him.
He also happens to be a very hard-worker. He works and earn for his family. He is the type who likes to surprise me with many things. There is once when I asked him for an Ipod-Touch, and he strictly said no and told me that he was tight in his financial and hearing that I walked away silently understanding the situation. But he had surprised me by a few weeks later with the Ipod-Touch which he bought with his hard-earned money, that I couldn’t find a way to thanks him, especially god for giving me a brother like him.
To sum up, these are part of his characteristics and to add more he is also very helpful, ambitious, forgiving, friendly and responsible. My brother and I are someone who is there for each other no matter what. I am very grateful to have a brother like him and hoping to have him as my brother in my next birth and forever.

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    English is my second language, i just edit alittle as much as i know, please edit if there is any more mistakes. thank you!

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    Everyone is singular = in his/her life
    big brother the most, that there are many
    Instead of "that" = and...

    positive and negative characteristic +s = characteristics

    paragraph 2 = sick from his diabetic = diabetes (the noun, not the adjective)in h
    ospital bed = in a hospital bed...
    for few weeks = for a few weeks.
    When he screams in pain, my brother...

    with him. There is always...

    Paragrah 3 =
    Some of these sentences are way too long. He never comes to pick me up on time so that I get...
    and leet him know. As usual he will try...

    except to forgive him?
    earn + s = earns..
    There is once = drop the first 2 words. Begin wirh "Once..."
    ....in his financial = finances. H earing that...
    ....by a few weeks = drop By = surprised me a few weeks...
    ...money. (end there) I cou ldn't find a way to thank him (no "s", especially God (capitalized)

    Last paragraph = My brother and I are there for each...

    Sra other

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