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Math 7th grade

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Susan has red, blue, and yellow sweaters. Joanne has green, red, and white sweaters. Diane's sweaters are red, blue, and mauve. Each girl has only one sweater of each color and will pick a sweater to wear at random. Find the probability that each girl chooses a different color.
The answer is 17 out of 27. I do not know how to figure it out?

  • Math 7th grade -

    Segment AB has endpoints A(-3, 4) and B(-5, 2). Segment AB is reflected over the y axis to form segment A’B’. What are the coordinates for the endpoints of A’B’?

    A. A’(3, -4) and B’(5, -2)

    B. A’(3, 4) and B’(5, 2)

    C. A’(-3, -4) and B’(-5, -2)

    D. A’(-3, 4) and B’(5, -2)

  • Math 7th grade -

    write and slove 3 systems of equations :1)no solution 2)sinqle solution 3)many solution

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