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1. He wants to take a lot of pictures of baby.

2. He wants to take a lot of pictures of the baby.

3. He wants to take a lot of pictures of babies.

4. He wants to take a lot of pictures of a baby.

(Are they all grammatical? What about #1? Is Sentence 1 correct? Please focus on the articles in the sentences.)

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    #1 should be He wants to take a lot of pictures of a baby.

    technically you shouldnt use the word a lot cuz its poor grammar

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    I disagree with Alexis. Using "a lot" is good grammar.

    Your sentences are fine -- except for # 1.

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    its really not good grammar ms. sue because you could use synonyms for the word a lot....you could used many or an extensive amount,,,but you really shouldn't use the word a lot...it just doesn't sound good

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