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We estimate that today c.89% of homes can readily get a 2Mbps (or higher)
broadband service from cable, ADSL or wireless means. This means that
c.11%, or about 2.75m, homes cannot readily get a 2 Mbps (or higher)
broadband service today. We believe the main reasons that prevent these
2.75m homes from getting a 2Mbps broadband service are:
Problematic home wiring (c.1.9m homes);
Random network effect (c.300k homes); and
Telephone line too long (c.550k homes
How many homes do the Digital Britain report’s authors assume there are in the UK?
What percentage of all UK homes cannot readily get a 2 Mbps connection because of problematic home wiring? Give your answer accurate to 2 decimal places.

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    a) 2.75 million/(0.11) = 25.0 million

    b) 1.9m/25m = 7.60%

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