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I finished the first question with no problem. It was something like:

Find the points at which f(x) [insert three equations for left right and in between here] is discontinuous. At each of these points, is f cont. from the right or the left?

As I said, I solved that one. I am not quite sure how to start the next one.

I think I would use the Intermediate Value Theorem, but I am not sure. Plus, if that's the case, do I do as above with the first equation?

Find the value k so that f(x) is continuous from the left at x=2, for

f(x)= | x+1, if x<=1;
| k, if x=2;
| x^2-5, if x>2

One, I am unsure if this is an IVT usage, or not (It looks like one to me), and two, I am not sure how to start it.

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