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Can you check these sentences for me?
Thank you in advance.

1) Eveline belongs to a collection of fifteen stories which was completed in 1904, but not published until 1914, under the title “Dubliners”.
2) As the title suggests, the stories are set in Dublin and are arranged in four groups that correspond to the four “phases” of life: childhood, adolescence, maturity and public life. 3) They focus on two recurrent themes: paralysis and epiphany.
4) Paralysis can be described as a condition which is characteristic to modern man as a result of being tied to limited cultural and social traditions.
5) All the Dubliners are entrapped by a sense of stagnation resulting from different forces; the frustrating circumstances of an unfulfilling job, the unhappiness and loneliness caused by an unsuccessful marriage or lack of friendship.
6) However, they accept their situation passively either because they are unaware of it (?) or because they are unable to break the chains that bind them.
7) They are spiritually weak and afraid people.

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    1. If Eveline is the title of a story, it needs to be in quotation marks. What is "Dubliners"? A story or a book title?

    2. Delete quotation marks around "phases."

    5. Change the semicolon to a colon.

    6. Comma after "passively" and delete stuff in parentheses.

    7. This is an awkward sentence. Delete the word "people," and it'll be better.

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