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how do i write these in equations to represent each situation?

1. the perimeter P of a rectangle is the sum of twice the length L and twice the width W

2. the volume V of a rectangular prism is the product of its three dimensions: length L,width W, and height H

3. The cost C of a telegram of 18 words is the cost F of the first 10 words plus the cost A of each additional word.

  • MATH -

    1. P=(2L)+(2W)
    2. V=LWH
    3. C=F+8A

  • MATH -

    1. Do not need parentheses.

    P = 2L + 2W

    2. To avoid confusion of LWH being an acronym, indicate multiplication online with an asterisk (*) or parentheses.

    V = L * W * H = (L)(W)(H)

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