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Intro to Technology

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Lab 2.1

(This one's a little less confusing than the others, so I think I can do it with a little help)

All technology involves a machine or device to process materials, energy or information. These machines are used to change the form of one or more of these resources in to a new, more usable form.

You have been selected as the public relations director for a local citizens group. Your group is concerned about issues that are not being fully addressed by local politicians and business leaders. Your group also wants to inform the public about these important issues.

Choose an issue that you feel is not being addressed by political and business leaders. Some examples of this type of issues are: the greenhouse effect, fossil fuel dependence, or nuclear power. Use the library for research if necessary. Develop a one-page flyer to communicate your group's position on the issue. If your school has computers available, use one or more computer software programs to help you produce the flyer.

1. Restate the SITUATION in your own words. Include the two main points of concern the citizens group has expressed.

-I have been given the job of being the public relations director for a local citizens group. This group thinks that there are many technology related issues that are not being addressed by local politicians and business leaders. My job is to inform the public about these issues.

2. So as to make the technological problem a truly local issue, use the following CHALLENGE statement for your work in this lab:
CHALLENGE: Assume that you live in a community that does not have a town-sponsored recycling program. The citizens group that you are working for does not feel that this issue is being addressed by local political and business leaders. Your task is to develop a one-page flyer to communicate your group's position on the issue to the public.

Using the steps of the Problem Solving Process for Technology (IDEAS), identify the problem that the citizens group would like to solve.

-The citizens group wants to solve the problem of the community not participating in a recycling program.

3. The second step in IDEAS is developing possible solutions. You will need to do a little research on recycling at your local library to learn about recycling programs. Keep in mind that your goal is to produce a one-page flyer designed to sell the community on the benefits of recycling. In the space below take notes on your library research.

(Since I don't have time to go to a library, I will try to find information on the web, please refer me to some good sites if you can)

4. You now need to evaluate your research for the best solution and create a rough actual model fo your one-page flyer. Do this on a graph paper and label it Rough Flyer.

(what exactly do I include on the flyer. I mean what am I supposed to research about recycling programs, and what do I include on this)

5. Make any changes you would like to your rough draft flyer, so that you can show the citizens group your final draft (solution) Remember, you want to capture the public's attention and persuade them to endorse a recyclign effort. Neatly lay out your one-page flyer on graph paer and label it Final Flyer.

Please help me on the stuff I asked


These are just some benefits of recycling that I got off of a website. Is this what I'm supposed to be researching about?

3.Research: Well-run recycling programs cost less to operate than waste collection, landfilling, and incineration. The more people recycle, the cheaper it gets. Well-designed programs save money. Communities have many options available to make their programs more cost-effective, including maximizing their recycling rates, implementing pay-as-you-throw programs, and including incentives in waste management contracts that encourage disposal companies to recycle more and dispose of less. very ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees. The energy we save when we recycle one glass bottle is enough to light a light bulb for four hours.

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