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the solubility of BaCO3(s) in water is 4.0X10^-5 M. Calculate the value of Ksp for BaCO3

can someone please walk me through this?

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    All of these Ksp problems are done the same way. Posting under different screen names won't get any more help. But if there is something you don't understand about them, tell us what it is and we shall be happy to help further.

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    Um, i don't know what your talking about. This is my first post, i saw your answers to the other post and it didn't really help so i thought i should post my own question up...rude much

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    It may be your first post but the computer is the same for aimee, ashley, anonymous, et al. My comment, however, is the same. Tell us what you don't understand about this, to give us a place to start, and we shall be happy to get you started.

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    how would you know if the computers are the same? that's kinda werid. anyways, i figured it out... so i guess thanks for nothing. and it would've been simpler if you could've just given a straight answer and not going through this nonsense. but i guess thanks?

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    Trust me, we know. I'm glad you figured it out. That shows you that you can do it and you really DON'T need us to do your work for you. We don't do nonsense--what we do is try to help you help yourself. What we don't do is to do your homework for you.

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