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Intro to Technology

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Lab 1.2

Technology uses productive tools. These tools often employ one or more of the six basic mechanisms. these mechanisms are the elver, the wheel and axle, the pulley, the inclined plane, the wedge, and the screw.

The SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS COMPANY markets instructional kits for use in elementary and middle school science programs. They have hired you as a designer for their physics kits.

Design a kit that contains common materials, such as tongue depressors, mouse traps, rubber bands, thread spools, small wooden blocks, or string. Develop a technological device (machine) using these materials that contains a power source and employs at least three basic mechanisms to lift a tennis ball at least 6 inches off a table.

I reallly need help on this. There is just no way I can do these, but I have no choice. Please help me!

1. Restate the SITUATION described in your own words, being sure to include all of the facts in the information given. Also state any restrictions in your design that would need to be considered based on the age of the students.

-I have been hired by the Science Experiments Company to design a physics kit for the company to sell. This kit will allow one to experience the six basic mechanisms. The designed kit needs to keep in mind restrictions, such as level of knowledge, skill, and safety when dealing with school aged students.

2. The CHALLENGE for this problem contains a partial list of common materials that could be used in your physics kits. Write these in the spaces provided along with six other everyday items that could be used in building basic mechanisms.

-1. Tongue depressors, 2. Mouse traps, 3. Rubber bands, 4. Thread spools, 5. Small wooden blocks, 6. String, 7. Marbles, 8. Sandpaper, 9. Toothpicks, 10. Dried beans, 11. -, 12. –

I need help finding the last two

3. On graph paper, sketch two machines that could be built from your list of materials that also satisfy the CHALLENGE criteria. Label these Machine 1 and Machine 2.


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