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Can you check if all the words are possible (especially those regarding clothes)? Thank you very much in advance.

1)You mustn't speak loudly (or in a loud voice) in the library.
2)You don't have to book (reserve?) a table at the restaurant.
3) Watch out !(look out, be careful but not "pay attention")You are going to fall.
4)I'm wearing: a black hoodie with a zip, a T-shirt with a coloured drawing (design, pattern?), a pair of blue skinny washed-out low waste jeans, multicoloured trainers)
5) I'm wearing a tracksuit because I had Physical Education before.
6) I'm wearing a sweatshirt with the face of Mickey Mouse "as slogan" on it.
7) Can you say "A short-sleeved light blue T-shirt with a slogan on it"?
8) I usually wear low-neck (or low-necked?) or crew-neck T-shirts, sleveless tops (?).
9) Can you say "I'm wearing fashionable (?) jacket over a white and blue checked T-shirt"?
10) I usually wear casual clothes like blue skinny jeans and T-shirts or a T-shirt?

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    1. Either is okay.
    2. Use reserve
    3. You can use any of them.
    4. I'm wearing a black hoodie, a T-shirt with a design, and a pair of blue skinny washed-out low waist jeans.
    5. I'm wearing gym clothes, because I just had gym class.
    6. I'm wearing a sweatshirt with Mickey Mouse on it.
    7. Yes
    8. low neck, fine
    9. You can, but most people wouldn't say that. What makes you so sure that it's fashionable?
    10. a t-shirt

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    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.
    • Mark each verb used in bold and, in parentheses, identify the specific tense used.

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