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IN THE BOOK OF SHAKESPEARE NAMED ROMEO AND JULIET. in act3 scene 1, which character seem to want peace and which one seem to want to fight most?

What does mercutio mean when he says,''I have it, and soundly, too.Your houses''(scene1, line 104)? what happens to him?

What does romeo mean when he says,''o, I am fortune's fool'' in line 133 of this scene.

what is the source of juliet's conflicting emotions?

This scene is act3 scene 1 to 5.

compare Romeo's experiences with his riends and when he's with juliet. what is he like when he is with her? what is he like without her?

Discuss mercutio's behaviour. Do you think he would make a good friend? why or why not? how responsible is he for what happens in scene 1?

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    Here's the best website I've found to help students read Shakespeare's plays:


    Click on the title of the play you want, then click on the act and scene. You'll find original Shakespearean language on the left and a modern-day "translation" on the right.

    Here are several other really good websites about Shakespeare and his works and his times. Be sure to add ALL THESE to your favorites so you can find them again.






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    but i need a direct answer for the questions i asked because i couldn't find it.can you give me the real answers directly.

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    No one will do your work for you. YOU need to read and follow the directions here:

    Go to http://nfs.sparknotes.com/

    Click on the title of the play you want, then click on the act and scene. You'll find original Shakespearean language on the left and a modern-day "translation" on the right.

    The left column will get you to the exact lines you need to read; the right column will give you the meanings.

    Let us know what you come up with.

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    Hi writeacher
    am sorry i didn't mean it that way, i know that you are mad at me and you think am lazy.I have answered the rest except for nos 2, 3, 4,5.

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    No one is mad at you, Ted. We just want to make sure you are doing your own learning. If someone else does it for you, then you don't get anything out of it.

    Find the lines you need by finding the correct act and scene. Then read first the left side and then the right side. The right side is the modern English version. You shouldn't have any trouble with modern English.

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    Hi, writeacher
    i found the answer to all my questions ,am so grateful and thank you for the advice.

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