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please help! i know exactly how to find the mean but i am having a problem finding the midpoints. couldn't get them right :(

salary employees
5,001- 10,000 == 16
10,001-15,000 == 15
15001-20,000 == 11
20,001-25,000 == 15
25,001-30,000 == 23

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    If you want the mean salary, you can only get an approximate value since you only have histogram data (the number per salary interval). Assume that the number 16 applies to a salary at the midpioit of the first interval ($7500), etc.

    The mean will be
    (16*7500 + 15*12500 + 11*(17,500) + 15*22500 + 23*27,500)/(16+15+11+15+23) = $18,375

  • stats:find the mean -

    thanks a bunch!! =D

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