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5th grade math

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My class is selling flowers. We want to arrange them so that they are all in equal rows with no row containing different types of plants. Using the numbers from the table provided, what is the largest # of plants we can put in each row? (Marigolds-48 pots, Pansies-24 pots, Primroses-36 pots)

I am confused, not sure what the question is asking because of the rows. would it be 24 because the flowers are all in their own row? Or would it be 60? 3 rows of 5 four times? Please help

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    see my solution to your previous question.
    This is the same type of question, except you now have 3 items.

    let me know what your answer is.

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    I came up with the answer of 12. Common greatest factor is 12. hope I did it right!Thanks again!

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    yes, each row will contain 12 flowers of the same kind

    4 rows of marigold = 48
    2 rows of panise = 24
    3 rows of primrose = 36

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    Thanks! It was hard when I wasn't thinking that way! Now, I am able to do the rest of my homework without any trouble! Thanks for explaining it!

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