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I do not understand how to work a problem or equation out for geometry.

The equation refers to two parrellel lines that have a transversal line running diagonal through each one. The exterior anglebottom left part of the top parrellel line, measures at 52 degrees. how do I find the angles to 6 and 4

m(Ú6) = 8x - 40 m(Ú4) = 6x + 2

  • Geometry equation -

    The 52 degrees is the interior not exterior

  • Geometry equation -

    m(angle6) = 8x-40 and m(angle 4) = 6x + 2
    Do I solve this problem like this?

    8x - 40 = 6x + 2
    8x = 6x + 42
    2x = 42
    x = 21

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