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Find the mininum ammount of 5.0 M HNO3 needed to dissolve 2.72 g of Cu (s). I have the balanced equation here:


Obviously it is a 2 moles NO3- to 3 moles of Cu (s) ratio. I converted grams Cu to moles (0.04280)), then multiplied by 2/3 (ratio of NO3- to Cu) which gave me moles of NO3- (0.02853). I then solved for the volume required by dividing those moles by 5.0 M, however when I submit the answer I is not correct. Can anyone see my error? The answer I am getting is 5.7 mL.

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    You have balanced the redox part.
    The molecular equation is
    8HNO3 + 3Cu ==> etc
    Try that and get back either way, please.

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    Yes you were correct, it is an 8/3 ratio. Thanks Dr. Bob!!

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