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4th grade

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how do you find equivelent fractions

  • 4th grade -

    Equivalent fractions are fractions that may look different, but are equal to each other. Two equivalent fractions may have a different numerator and a different denominator.


  • 4th grade -

    to find equivelent fractions you cross multiply them
    for exmple:
    5/15= 2/6


  • 4th grade -

    start with any fraction

    multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number will give you an equivalent fraction

    e.g. 3/8
    3/8*(5/5) = 15/40
    3/8*(3/3) = 9/24

    3/8, 15/40, 9/24 etc are all equivalent fractions

  • 4th grade -


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