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A solution of ethanol (C2H5OH) in water is prepared by dissolving 76.9 mL of ethanol (density 0.79 g/cm^3) in enough water to make .250 L of solution. What is the molarity of ethanol in this solution?

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    Calculate the mass of ethanol (m) used from the volume and the density.

    Calculate the RMM for ethanol

    Then use m/RMM to calculate the number of moles (M) of ethanol.

    I presume the final volume is 0.250 L rather than 250 L.

    The molarity is then M/0.250 L

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    0.79g/ml x 76.9ml = 60.7g
    60.7g /46.06 = 1.3 mole
    1.3/ 0.25 L = 5.2M

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