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Hello ma’am sir.. I have a problem in my assignment.. I‘m now a college student…a first year student…this is my question..please help me.. I really need it now… 1. The diameter of the earth is 7920 miles, and that of the moon is 2160 miles. Compare their volumes.
2. A pyramid V-ABCD is cut from a cube of edge 12 inch. The vertex V is the midpoint of an upper edge of the cube. Compute the lateral surface of the pyramid.

In my book.. There’s an answer given..but there’s no solution..
The answer of number one is>>> V of earth=(198)cube over the V of moon=(54)cube…
And for the number two is>>> 334.82

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    V = 4/3πr^3

    Have you compared the two volumes?

    I'm not sure what the second question is asking.

    I hope this helps a little.

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    volume is proportional to length dimension cubed for similar shapes.

    V2/V1 = (D2/D1)^3

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