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Can you check once more how I paraphrased the beginning of the Canterbury Tales, please? Thank you in advance.

1) He describes rain as “sweet showers fall “ which “pierce the drought of March to the root”. Paraphrase: he describes the gentle spring rain which ends the drought of March.
2) Then he mentions the plants which are described as “veins bathed in liquor of such power as brings the engendering of the flower" (paraphrase?)
3)Finally, he refers to the wind as “Zephyrus with his sweet breath which exhales an air in every grove”. (rephrase? The soft west wind stirs each grove gently)
4) The wind is personified and it is said to bring nature back to life.
5)"And the young sun his half-course in the sign of the Ram has run, and the small fowl are making melody" (How can I paraphrase this?)
6) With his patient the doctor followed the following (?) approach. First he long observed his patient.
7)Once he had found the cause of the disease, with the help of astronomy and of the theory of humors, he used to prescribe the cure.
8) His friends were the apothecaries, who could make the potion at once.
9) As a remedy (?), he suggested a light diet and no excess. He didn’t trust the Bible much.
10)He loved gold. He wore red and bluish, grey clothes lined with taffeta.
11) Chaucer insists upon the doctor’s cleverness and knowledge, his skill and care for money.
12) He has a contrasting attitude towards him. Actually, he admires his skills but also recognizes his flaws.

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