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Can you check if these sentences are possible? Thank you for your invaluable help.

1) Remember to pick the children up at (or from?) the airport.
2) She promised she would give us a lift.
She promised to give us a lift.
3) He is going to take the dog out for a walk.
4) The teacher made him write his homework again.
5) He used to smoke ten cigarettes a day.
10) Ten cigarettes used to be smoked by him.
11) She should water the plants.
12) The police ask us about his nationality. We were asked about his nationality.
13) She is embarrassed at the fine clothes her master had given to her.
but: Her master had given her fine clothes. She was given fine clothes by her master.
14) She can't understand why he didn't have the houskeeper give her the clothes.

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    Get rid of #10 -- passive just doesn't work for that!!

    All the rest are fine, except in #13, you should use "by" instead of "at" (fourth word).

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