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One of my favorite home pages is coming up 404 URL Not Found on this server and it has never done that before. Could an Internet savvy person point out why this could be happening? Could just this particular place be experiencing technical difficulties?

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    You might try looking up the terms here. Try searching for any of these:

    error 404
    url not found

    I've experienced this, and sometimes what I've had to do is shut down the computer, turn off the modem, count to ten, turn the modem back on, wait until all the little lights are back to normak, and then start the computer again. If you still get that error, then there is probably something wrong at the website you're trying to reach.

    Other teachers may have further ideas for you.

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    Oh well, if you have nothing to offer beyond restarting, then I indeed do suppose that something beyond my conrol is taking place.

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    This has happened to me, too, several times and usually it's the site. Things are back to normal the next day.

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