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I have to write a poem about my childhood and here it is.

My childhood
was full of people
with tender hearts
who followed me
like my shadow
wherever I went;
Whether it be a long
walk or short; they'd
be with me.

In those days
life seemed to pass
slowly and calmly;
I had no complaints
with anyone
I was being showered
with love every minute

(Now I have to start a sentence with Since then I have... I can't think of what to write...Any suggestions)

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    I have met people
    I have been more places
    I've had to rush (hurry)
    I have had more r e sponsabilities

    Get the idea?


  • Please check my work -

    I thought of this, how does it sound:

    Since then I have
    tried to keep up with my family
    and not let them down
    in anything I do
    By controlling my ego, I have
    put smiles on their faces and
    have developed a more informal
    relation with them
    I have continued using
    both my mind and heart to
    make thoughtful decisions
    No sad moment has passed by
    with my self-esteem being quite.

    Is this good? I really dont' like my sentence (relation with them) The word them doesn't seemt to fit int here. Is there any way I could change it?

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    The last stanza of this poem has to begin with ¡§All kinds of miracles¡¨
    Is the stanza I¡¦ve written well?
    Here it is:
    All kinds of miracles:
    But I would not exchange
    Any of them for the
    All the lovable moments I have spent
    With each one of my family members
    During my childhood.
    (Is that good? Is there any other way I could make that sentence more imaginative)
    Down below I have written what poet wrote, and his stanza seems to be imaginative unlike mine, which is why I am asking for suggestions. Thank you very much got all your helpļ

    A poet did this for his:
    All kind of miracles:
    But I would not trade
    Any of them for the
    Empty spaces, the
    Snow blurred geography
    Of my childhood.

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    I meant to say thank you very much for all your help. I wonder how got up there.

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    i think it is good the way it is

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