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Help please! I need to identify an organic compound and tell the functional group of the molecule- the compound is single-bonded ,it is composed of a middle chain H,C,C,H. Off both carbons are single chains consisting of a H above and below each of the carbon. What classification of organic compound is shown-choices are alkane, alkene, alkyne or none of the above-What is the functional group of the molecule-choices are ketone, alcohol, aldehyde or carboxylic acid.

Thank you very much-both questions make up one homework question-

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    Initially I answered, then became distressed about the answers and deleted them.
    I've not heard H atoms described as chains. Second, it can't be a ketone, alcohol, aldehyde or carboxylic acid with no oxygen atoms you don't mention oxygen at all. Surely there is more to the description than that.

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    No, I looked at the diagram again-this is what is baffling me-the diagram looks as if it is ethane and I also figured it couldn't be any of those functional groups- but that is all that is given. Ethane is an alkane, correct? So for the classification of ethane, would that be the choice alkane for the first part of the question when they asked what is the classification of the organic compound shown?

    I really appreciate your help.

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    If you have essentially CH2CH2 then it must be an alkene because a bond is missing and it would be written as CH2=CH2. But with no oxygen, and they want a functional group, all of which contain an oxygen, it isn't any of those listed.

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