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I wonder if you could check the following questions and help me rephrase a few more sentences I’m not sure of.
Thanks a lot in advance!

1) What historical period did the English Renaissance cover and what was it characterized by? Explain its (?) conception of order and the role attached to man and nature respectively. Finally analyse the
2) Analyze Elizabeth I's government, pointing out how she ruled and what her major (or main?) achievement in foreign policy was.
3) Briefly summarize the four messages which Macbeth received from the spirits.
4) The witches told him to be careful of Macduff and that Banquo's descendants would be kings.
5) These two messages made him unhappy. They also told him that no man born of woman (can you also say “no man of woman born”) could hurt him and that he could never be defeated as long as Birnam Wood did not move to Dunsinane Hill to fight against him.
6) Macduff ordered his men to cut branches from the trees of Birnam Wood and to use them to hide themselves and cover their advance
7) Pamela’s father believes that a girl’s beauty should be evaluated on the basis of virtue and goodness (or should result from her virtue and goodness?). It should therefore not be confused with vanity or prettiness. (Can you help me express the meaning of “inner beauty”?)
8) She was so confounded at his words that even a feather would do her harm now (“you might have beat her with a feather”)
9) Mrs Jervis suggested she should double her diligence since God had put into Mr B’s heart to be good to her . (How can I rephrase this?)

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    Here is a quote on inner beauty. You will probably be able to pick out some deep details from here: "Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical."

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    1 - 4 OK
    5. “no man of woman born” = I would NOT, unless it's a poem, for example
    6. OK
    7. Ana provides a good quote. Here are some links to peruse:


    8. confounded by and "beat her with a feather" is odd.....God had put it into ... she should make twice the effort...


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