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posted by Justine

Can you please see if you got the same answer as I did? Thank you.

3/x + 2/x-4

subtract 3x from both sides you get -12=-1x divide by -1 final answer is 12.

  1. Reiny

    yes, the solution to 3x-12=2x
    is x = 12

    but ...

    how did 3/x + 2/x-4
    magically turn into the equation
    3x-12=2x ????

  2. Justine

    I multiplied each fraction by (x)(x-4)

  3. Reiny

    you must have had
    3/x = 2(x-4)

    cross-multiplying would have given you
    3x - 12 = 2x

    ok, looks like a simple typo.

  4. j

    3/x+ 2/x-4 = 3(x-4)+ 2(x)=0
    or only if you cross multiply the 3*x-4 which is 3x-12 and put it equal to 2*x which is 2x that could work.

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