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need help solving
50=3(r+16)- 2(r-2) and

5(2x-10)/2 + 14 = 19


    alright. the first one would be easiest if you multiplied out the numbers before the parenthesiss into the numbers inside. so itll look like 50=3r+48-2r+4.the u can simplify the right side and get 50=r+52. subtract 52 from both sides and your answer is r=-2

    the second one first you want to subtract 14 from both sides so you get 5(2x-10)/2=5. next you want to divide both sides by 5 because it works out very nicely and you get (2x-10)/2=1. next you can take out the 2 on the left because 2x-10 can also be written as 2(x-5) so you would get x-5=1. and lastly you add 5 to both sides so x=6

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