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algebra two

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which function below, if either, has zeros that are complex conjugates?
P(x)= X^4-7x^3-27x^2+63x+81

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    H(x) = x^2(x-1) + 25(x-1)
    = (x-1)(x^2 + 25)

    for zeros,
    (x-1)(x^2 + 25) = 0
    x = 1, or x = ±5i

    ±5i are complex conjugates

    Off hand, I can't see any for the first one.

  • algebra two -

    what do you mean

  • algebra two -

    complex conjugates are numbers of the form
    a+bi and a-bi

    ±5i can be written as
    0+5i and 0-5i, which fits the above form.

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