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A compressed high resolution chest xray image requires about 8MB of data. most GP surgeries are connected to the NHS network at a speed of 100Mbps. how long would it take to download a set of 6 images. give your answer to second to 2 decimal places using scientific notation. I know the answer is 3.84 seconds, but hw is it expressed in to two decimal places and scientific notation?

Is it 3.84*10^1? Please help.

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    6 images would take 48 MB of data
    at a rate of 100 MB/s this would take
    48/100 sec or .48 seconds

    In scientific notation that would be 4.80x10^-1

    I don't know where you got 3.84

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    Hi thanks for your responce. However, I think you have used 100MBps (Mega Bytes) insted of 100Mbps(Mega bits), Which would correspond to a different value. So, 48*10^6*8/100*10^6 = 3.84. But how to I express this to two decimal places and scientific notation?

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    You are correct, sometimes I should take more care when reading a question

    3.84 could be written as
    3.84 x 10^0 to match the format of scientific notation.

    A "scientific" number falls between 1 and 9 multiplied by a power of 10

    e.g. 345.65 = 3.4565 x 10^2
    .001234 = 1.234 x 10^-3

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