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Which of the following elements (C, B, Be, Li for both parts of the question) will have the greatest increase in ionization energy between the removal of the first and second electrons? Which has the largest atomic radius?

a. beryllium,boron
b. boron, lithium
c. beryllium, carbon
d. lithium, boron
e. carbon, boron
f. lithium, lithium
g. carbon, lithium
h. boron, boron

Okay. So, ion energy increases to the right(for each step, s,p, etc) and decreases down the periodic table. Atomic rad increases to the left and down the table.

That means Li is the biggest, and C has the greatest increase? The answer being G in that case. Is this correct?

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    you have to keep in mind its asking for the greatest increase ionization energy when the between the removal of the first and second electron. That is basically saying it will lose 1 electron no problem but the second one would be a lot harder. therefore you would have to look to see which column willingly loses one electron but not two. so you would be looking for an akilli metal. atomic radius you were right about. your answer would be f for the reason i stated above

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