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A freighter leaves on a course of 120 degrees and travels 515 miles. The ship then turns and goes due east 200 miles. What is the bearing and distance from the port to the ship?

I calculated 142 miles for distance but couldn't get bearing. Any help is appreciated.

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    Since i already ansvered your planes i might do this aswell.

    General advice for all these, if you don't know what to do instantly draw a picture.

    Same cosine therom as in other one.

    Draw a picture into a triangle, have the starting point as origo and draw coordinate system there, you'll need an extra triangle to work out the angle between the cathetus. (hint: all angles of a triangle make 180 degrees and straight angle is 180 degrees aswell)

    Distance is 695,4324... miles.

    Bearing is already bit tougher but once you know the distance use sine function to figure out the angle opposite of the 200 mile side. Then 120-that angle gives you the ansver.

    Bearing is 111,73246 degrees.

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    So that's 695,4354 miles and 111,73246 degrees or 695.4324 miles and 111.73246 just making sure seemed like a lot

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    well i'm from Finland we use commas to show where decimals start. So the ansver is 695 miles and a bit more. It's dot in USA to show where decimals begin?

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