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what must be added to 8/3 to make 2 5/6

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    I am rubbish at maths!!!!! any suggestions to help myself get better?

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    Convert 8/3 to a mixed fraction. 3 goes into 8 two times and then 2 is left over. 8/3 now is 2 2/3. Now to figure out how much more you need, convert 2/3 to a fraction with 6 in the denominator. multiply the bottom by two to get six, and then multiply the top by two to get four. Now 2 2/3 is 2 4/6. Now subtract the fractions. Your answer is 1/6

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    Find the common denominator:
    2 5/6 = [(2*6)+5]/6 = 17/6

    8/3 = 16/6

    17/6 - 16/6 = 1/6

    Therefore, 1/6 must be added to 8/3 to make 2 5/6.

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